1949 ~ 2013
On November 10, 2013, Walter Warren Owens died an untimely death at the hands of fate. He was 64 years old (or young), still a striving poet, and endowed with the most remarkable sense of humor, sense of the cosmos, and sense of our world’s senselessness. His greatest accomplishments may have been the inadvertent acquisition of the love of so many many many friends, and the care he gave to 11 beautiful dogs over the years. And yes, he was a good bartender as well. He is survived by his brother Milton Owens, MD, his sister Suze Harrington, his constant companions Skinny and Twerp (beloved blue tick hound and pitty), and Claudia, the wife he never married. Many thanks to all his endearing neighbors Bob and Chris, Crystal, Scotty, and to A.J. at The Spot, Bruce at Jitterbug Coffee and the tribe, and to Malcolm, for being there for him throughout. Duncan and Blondie, Crockett, Tedso and Weech: lucky him, lucky you for all the good years together. Words cannot express how much we will miss him. It would be his wish to give to Best Friends for anyone inclined.

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